Atoms Founder Stories 002: Introducing Fitbudd

Atoms Founder Stories 002: Introducing Fitbudd
Vikrant Mehra
Vikrant Mehra
Content Marketing Manager, Accel
February 22, 2022
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The inspiration behind Fitbudd comes from its founder Saumya Mittal’s personal fitness journey. 

Postpartum, she was looking to return to her regular fitness and strength levels, but struggled to find options which catered to her routine.

Fitness apps allowed her to schedule her workouts around her schedule, but pre-generated exercise plans and no real feedback loop made committing to them difficult. A traditional gym on the other hand, was not a feasible option.

It was on a friend’s recommendation that she then turned to an online trainer, who she trained with for six months, to great results. However, Saumya also found the experience disjointed. Diet and workout plans were often PDFs and YouTube links sent over email, while session feedback relied solely on her memory, with no way to track reps or weights. She observed that a single platform which brought together these functions would help elevate the experience, while also making it more accessible. 

Joined by co-founders Naman Singhal and Pranav Chaturvedi, she began reaching out to trainers on social media, pitching the idea and looking for feedback. 

From L-R: Naman Singhal, Saumya Mittal, Pranav Chaturvedi

Armed with overwhelmingly positive feedback and new insights, Fitbudd launched in January 2021, always being clear about keeping trainers and the personal touch they bring at the center of the business. 

Fitbudd solves two core problems for its market. It helps trainers better engage with and retain their clients at scale; while also allowing them to be far more accessible, reaching clients across countries if not continents. This holds true for Fitbudd as well; 70% of their coaches are based in the US with clients worldwide.

The team is clear that trainers and their personal touch are at the core of their business. Now, they're making that personal touch accessible to users across the globe

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