Atoms cohort 2 applications are now open!

Atoms cohort 2 applications are now open!
Dinesh Katiyar
Dinesh Katiyar
Partner, Accel
February 15, 2022
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We’ve just announced the 14 startups of the first cohort of the Atoms program!

The last 100 days have been an eventful, learning-filled time for the Atoms startups and there’s plenty to be excited about. Setting up the program and making sure it gets to the heart of what the founders need has been a learning process.

Atoms was designed from the ground up for the best founders to get experimental capital without heavy dilution, armed with the best mentorship to increase their odds of success. It also aims to be accessible to entrepreneurs from everywhere and from all backgrounds.

On the program side, we worked with some of India’s best founders and mentors to give the Atoms startups the guidance and actionable advice they needed, and gave it the structure that would help the founders learn and implement decisions quickly. The results were amazing!

You can hear it from the founders themselves.

“The Atoms program is like the ignition fuel for your startup, which will help you to start the journey of building an organisation where you will be spending the next phase of your life”

Rahul Garg,
“The Atoms program has been immensely helpful in crunching years of learning within three months. We got an opportunity to interact with stalwarts of the Indian start-up ecosystem, along with getting constant support and feedback from our Accel appointed investment manager”

Saumya Mittal, Fitbudd 
“The peer learning was great. I think the biggest value add has been getting to know fellow founders. We’re all in similar boats, and it was good to know how each of us approach similar problems. The mentor sessions and the Accel team were also super super helpful, always ready to make the right connections”

Manish Reddy, Material Depot

As the program went on and gathered momentum, we learnt with the founders, realised what they wanted more, what they did not need, and they also gave us feedback about the way the program is structured.

The things that founders really loved and wanted more of, we’ll be doubling down on for the next cohort. These include the mentorship that the startups got from operators and founders from their own domain, which was easily the most successful part of the program. We will also be tapping into more operators from Accel startups.

Founders also loved the surprise sessions we had with superstar founders from the Accel family. So this time, we will try to make these in-person sessions.

If you are a very early stage startup, we are waiting for you to apply. Atoms is meant for you. And please note that a founder with market insights drawn on a paper napkin is just as much of a fit as a company with early PMF and paying customers.

There it is then. Applications for the Holi cohort are open, you can apply here.

Please note that we will be closing applications on March 15th, 2022. Applications arriving after this date will only be considered for the cohort after.

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