Announcing Atoms 02

November 28, 2022
Announcing Atoms 02

Over a year ago, we welcomed our first cohort into the Atoms program. A handpicked and diverse range of early-stage founders from companies across SaaS to B2B, and D2C to hardware. These founders were supported with non-dilutive funding, mentorship, and access to the Accel community to build their business.  

Our inaugural Atoms cohort went on to raise a cumulative amount of $60M to support their mission to create category-defining companies and build meaningful relationships across the startup and venture community. Today we're thrilled to welcome our second cohort of promising global startups: Atoms 02

Atoms 02 comprises 10 startups in sectors such as B2B marketplaces, healthtech, SaaS, and developer tools. These 23, early-stage founders come from the United States to Singapore, and India to Australia. 

As before, we offered each of these startups $250K of non-dilutive funding as experimental capital to build their business, and paired them with experienced founders and operators across the Accel network.

Selected from thousands of submissions, Atoms 02 brings together startups from distinct sectors that we believe are poised to build category-defining companies.We’re excited to introduce you to them! 

Get to know Atoms 02:

1. YouShd

Founder(s): Sarabmeet Kallar, Meghna Bansal


YouShd is a full-funnel content-to-monetization platform that enables DTC brands to reduce their CAC and CPC by scaling UGC with authentic, genuine content from influencers and creators. When an influencer/creator purchases from the site, they activate the YouShd code, following which they get remunerated based on high trust clicks, views, or conversions. 

For brands who're looking to crack this complex code, YouShd brings trust and traceability to brands with the help of data that they will then require to reward and compensate existing users for sharing their honest first-hand reviews, stories, and opinions.

2. DataBrain

Founder(s): Rahul Pattamatta, Vysakh Sreenivasan


DataBrain is a no-code business intelligence tool that empowers teams to take confident, data-backed decisions by accessing, extracting, and analyzing previously siloed data 30 times faster.

DataBrain syncs 150+ pre-built data sources without coding, python, or scripts and transforms them into visual, interactive, and usable results. With pre-made templates, and the ability to add on customizations too - they've eliminated the need for multiple data management tools and a large data team within the organization, saving companies expenses and time.

3. Dpanda

Founder(s): Rajat Dhanda, Gaurav Gupta


Dpanda brings content and commerce closer with a white-label ecosystem for DTC brands. Their platform allows brands to build a decentralized eCommerce platform where consumers are given the chance to purchase at the point of research on third-party platforms without brands having to splurge on affiliate marketing.

Their vision is to cut down decision time for customers by being where they are by converting curiosity into conversions since buying behavior is impulsive in most instances.

Their one-step checkout process is already enabling well-known D2C brands to reach their ideal consumers, faster and better.

4. Mello

Founder(s): Abhilash Bolla, Shrrinesh Bala


Mello is an experience discovery platform, driven by influencers, for audiences that want to partake in events and experiences near them via short video-led recommendations.

Mello believes consumers are always looking for the next exciting gig or event to be at to meet like-minded individuals but the chain breaks when it comes to discoverability, availability, and accessibility. By backing these events with local creator communities, they believe this will lead to an increase in trust, conversion, and attendance via a seamless booking experience.

5. Brik

Founder(s): Francis Anugerah


Brik is an Indonesian-based construction material aggregator which enables small and mid-size contractors to procure construction materials (2P model) from vendors. With a vision to maintain price transparency in a highly saturated market, optimize the supply chain, and supervise logistics; they’re transforming a traditional business practice into a modern one.

6. Ripik

Founder(s): Pinak Dattaray


Ripik is a SaaS-based operations management tool for manufacturing companies that improves decision-making using accurate data, AI and ML.

While the factory may be automated, plant engineers are the ones who make crucial business decisions day in and day out. Ripik's enterprise solution enables them to automate and optimize for quick decision-making to increase profitability by improving productivity, controlling costs, and enhancing the overall sustainability of manufacturing units. 

7. Upflowy

Founder(s): Guillaume Ang, Matt Browne, Alexandre Girard


Uplflowy is a no-code revenue acceleration tool that helps sales teams boost the lead-to-conversion ratio via interactive engagement forms - forms, quizzes, surveys, etc.

This helps companies control and personalize the user journey from day 0, interactively nurturing leads, increasing engagement with customers, and finally, improving conversion rates by using feedback and communication from users and visitors.

All of Upflowy's tools are customizable and optimized for in-app usage.


Founder(s): Vishal Virani, Rahul Shingala


DhiWise is a programming platform that's saved 2,000,000 hours of coding for the developer community by giving them the power to convert designs from Figma to production-ready code within minutes, thereby increasing developer productivity by 20x. 

They've generated Flutter and React code, built on 100% open-source libraries such as GetX, Connectivity, fluttertoast, Tailwind CSS, etc, reducing the go-to-market time from 10 days to 3 days, all while creating readable, modular, and reusable code within DhiWise's Integrated Development Environment.


Founder(s): Bayu Anggara, Reza Fahlepi, Abdul Halim, Rizqi Akbar Amirullah 


An ecosystem-based B2B marketplace, Fishlog brings together fishermen, fish farmers, cold storage processing, logistics services, and SME buyers on a singular platform to exchange value.

Since this segment experiences price volatility, demand-supply mismatch, and quality issues, FishLog aims to solve this conundrum with digital solutions, business services (upstream and downstream) to help with consolidation and distribution activities, and lastly an ecosystem where partners can rely on one another.

The vision is to build efficient processes, enable fair-trade transactions and promote sustainable distribution through technology.

10. Gut Wellness Club

Founder(s): Anita Seth, Dr. Swaranalatha Chandran


A significant number of health problems originate from the gut and very often go down the traditional route of problem-solving which is external medication or invasive interventions.

GutWellness Club is a holistic wellness startup that is working towards natural healing and proactive treatments for gut issues such as acid reflux, bloating, and correlating digestive issues.

The core belief is that all of these can be solved entirely based on naturopathy, diet management, and the principles of Ayurveda.

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