Announcing the 14 startups from the Diwali '21 cohort of Accel Atoms

September 21, 2022
Announcing the 14 startups from the Diwali '21 cohort of Accel Atoms

In October last year, Accel in India announced a new way to invest and help pre-seed startups. The premise was simple: Early stage startups need easier access to non-dilutive funding, they also need mentorship from founders and operators, and a community to empower and learn from. 

Accel Atoms would give them all of this.

The first cohort of the Atoms program, the Diwali batch, launched in October last year. We evaluated more than 3000 applications to get to these 14 startups, and today, after 100 days of learning and conversations and growth and clarity, we are thrilled to introduce them to you.

It’s a diverse set of companies, from SaaS to crypto to D2C to hardware, and the sheer range is testament to the imagination, creativity, and acumen of the entrepreneurs. As you’ll see when you read about these companies below, there’s a lot to celebrate.

A reminder also, that the next cohort begins in April, and you can send in applications by March 15. We are also opening up applications for startups from Southeast Asia. So mark your calendars and apply at

Watch our 2-minute trailer for the Diwali '21 cohort.

All of us at Atoms also want to thank all the mentors, operators, and founders who took time out to help these young startups get out of the blocks quickly. The Atoms team, and the startups of the Diwali cohort are thankful for your selflessness and generosity. 

And finally, thank you to all the Atoms startups, whose energy, vision, and enthusiasm fuelled everything this program was able to do. A lot was asked of them during these 100 days, questions, advice, decisions to be made, and so on. But they rose to the challenge like only founders can, and you see the fruits of some of that labor today.

Here they all are:

1. Brew Money

(Founders: Archisman Das, Mehul Marakana)

Founded in October 2021, Brew is a neobank which uses decentralized finance to provide users with higher interest rates on their savings. Using an app, a user can connect their bank account to Brew to transfer funds, which will be automatically converted to a stablecoin deposit.

2. Bytebeam

(Founders: Gautam BT, Ravi Teja K, Bharadwaaj Ramakrishnan)

We are using more and more smart devices everyday. All of them need backend cloud infrastructure to work. But the backend component ecosystem that manufacturers have to deal with is unorganized and complex. Founded in 2019, Bytebeam comes into play here to simplify cloud for smart device manufacturers.


(Founders: Anubhav Singh, Rahul Sankhwar, Rahul Garg, Anchal Jaiswal)

Founded in 2021, helps sales and marketing teams build multilingual video content, leveraging the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Dubdub’s objective is to make dubbing cheaper, faster, and more reliable while also ensuring that it is shareable and scalable.

4. Fitbudd

(Founders: Naman Singhal, Pranav Chaturvedi, Saumya Mittal)

Founded in 2021 with a vision to make personalized coaching more accessible, FitBudd is empowering fitness professionals globally to launch their online business, acquire new clients, and deliver engaging coaching experiences ensuring their clients achieve results. 70% of their coaches are based in the US with clients all over the globe.

5. Fragmynt

(Founders: James Branigan, Ojas S)

Founded in 2021, Fragmynt’s conviction is clear: Everyone should be free to decide how to invest their money in what they want to, not bound by geography, traditional assets or currency. Fragmynt is rebuilding the stock market for the world, powered by web3.

6. GoSats

(Founders: Mohammed Roshan, Roshni Aslam)

Founded in 2021, GoSats gets its name from satoshi, a unit of Bitcoin. The idea is simple: People love cashback rewards. Satsback as the GoSats team calls it, turns the cashback formula on its head. Rather than receive value which can be spent right away, users receive an asset to hold for the long-term. GoSats users hold full ownership of the Bitcoin they earn, and can freely transfer it to external crypto wallets.

7. Jify

(Founders: Anusha Ramakrishnan, Anisha Aibara)

Founded in 2021, Jify is building India's largest financial wellness platform to enable employees to instantly access, save and manage their salary. Jify’s flagship product of on-demand salary offers the most efficient form of short-term liquidity, thereby transforming the lives of India's workforce.

8. Kluster

(Founders: Akash Venkat, Aman Singhal)

In the absence of physical spaces to socialize, students across the globe turned to Discord and Telegram to add a social element to their learning experience. But these horizontal platforms massively under-serve students and their needs. Kluster is the community platform designed specifically for peer-to-peer learning, with gamification, knowledge management and embedded learning tools. Kluster’s mission is to make learning social, productive and fun.

9. Nymble

(Founders: Raghav Gupta, Rohin Malhotra)

Nymble is a food-tech startup building a robot chef which can cook curated meals for users at the press of a button, all tailored to individual users’ tastes. Currently in private beta, hundreds of Nymble's early customers use their home robot 12 times a week.

10. Onesto Labs

(Founders: Rohit Chawla, Sifat Khurana, Vimal Bhola)

Onesto Labs is a house of brands focused on beauty and personal care. Founded by Rohit Chawla, Sifat Khurana, and Vimal Bhola, the business came into being because the founders felt that consumers were being left out amid a glut of products with great stories, but no focus on quality and science. Onesto leans into personalisation and better products for the customer by focusing on clinical trials, scientific research, and user feedback.

11. Rigi

(Founders: Swapnil Saurav, Ananya Singhal)

Using Rigi, creators can sell short courses and find ways to leverage their own online communities. They can also create monthly and quarterly subscription plans for their followers and users to access these private and paid courses. Founded in 2021, Rigi also takes care of periodic subscription reminders, retargeting and promotions.

12. Spendflo

(Founders: Ajay Vardhan, Rajiv Ramanan, Siddharth Sridharan)

Founded in 2020, Spendflo is a SaaS solution for SaaS solutions, in that they help high growth companies buy, negotiate and renew their SaaS tools, essentially putting their procurement process on autopilot. It aims to deliver savings and efficiency for the company while at the same time reducing CACs for vendors, connecting them to companies with high intent.

13. Material Depot

(Founders: Manish Reddy, Sarthak Agrawal)

Material Depot solves the biggest challenge architects and designers face—discovery of materials. The idea was born out of Manish and Sarthak’s personal experience in the industry.
Material Depot is a search engine for architects and designers to discover building materials and trends. It replaces the time consuming task of flipping through lengthy catalogs and calling vendors.

14. Stealth Startup

There is also another stealth startup coming out of the Diwali cohort this year in the women’s wellness space.

The first cohort of the Atoms program was a special one for the Accel team, and we look forward to continuing to work with these teams on their way to building large and lasting businesses.

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