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YouShd is a full-funnel content-to-monetization platform that enables DTC brands to reduce their CAC and CPC by scaling UGC with authentic, genuine content from influencers and creators. When an influencer/creator purchases from the site, they activate the YouShd code, following which they get remunerated based on high trust clicks, views, or conversions. For brands who're looking to crack this complex code, YouShd brings trust and traceability to brands with the help of data that they will then require to reward and compensate existing users for sharing their honest first-hand reviews, stories, and opinions.


Sarabmeet Kallar
Co-Founder at YouShd.
Alumni of IIT-Kharagpur and Wharton.
Meghna Bansal
Co-Founder at YouShd.
Alumni of BITS-Pilani and Harvard MBA.