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An ecosystem-based B2B marketplace, Fishlog brings together fishermen, fish farmers, cold storage processing, logistics services, and SME buyers on a singular platform to exchange value. Since this segment experiences price volatility, demand-supply mismatch, and quality issues, FishLog aims to solve this conundrum with digital solutions, business services (upstream and downstream) to help with consolidation and distribution activities, and lastly an ecosystem where partners can rely on one another. The vision is to build efficient processes, enable fair-trade transactions and promote sustainable distribution through technology.


Bayu Anggara
Co-Founder and CEO at Fishlog.
On a mission to accelerate the future of Indonesia fisheries, building operating system for the industry, deliver QUALITY AT SCALE.
Reza Fahlepi
Co-Founder and CCO at Fishlog.
Passion and Interest in Fisheries and Marine, Supply Chain, Startup, Technology, Sales & Marketing
Abdul Halim
Co-Founder and CBDO at Fishlog.
Enabling nationwide fisheries cold chain network, creating transparent & fair trade transactions in sustainable manners through technology.
Rizqi Akbar Amirullah
Co-Founder at Fishlog.
I have been involved in agro-complex business for more than 9 years where I am generally responsible for company managerial accounting , corporate finance development, operational management, and creative innovation.