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ASETS-CA Inc launched a unique AI-powered, first of its kind cloud based Integrated Design Suite™ (IDS™). IDS™ is a multidisciplinary CAD, simulation & engineering design platform that helps Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) & end owners companies accelerate their early-stage engineering 10X faster. Customers using IDS™ benefit from the rapid deployment of engineering resources lowering effort time and costs related to engineering projects. ASETS Canada office focuses on Sales and growth potential of IDS™


Ashwini Oke
Ashwini Oke

Ashwini Oke is a structural engineer and her research in computational mechanics with 22 years in petrochemical and refinery sector, helped her identify the gap in the early stage engineering market. Having an integral solution without constant multi-disciplinary changes is the gap that she felt needed to be addressed. This encouraged having IDS- Integrated design suite. A multi-disciplinary 3D CAD simulation and design integrated platform that would help address switching between various platforms and help both end owners and engineering contractors to derive quick and exhaustive estimates and have an effective control over monetizing the margins.