Sector Specific
Why sector-focused programs ?
After successfully running Atoms 1.0 and 2.0 with a track record of 24 companies and a total funding raised exceeding $160M, we actively sought feedback from our founders. Their input highlighted two key areas of improvement: the need for a highly tailored program content addressing their specific challenges, and the importance of fostering interactions with founders who are a few steps ahead of them, but not excessively far along in their journey.

To address these needs effectively, we have made the decision to introduce sector-focused cohorts. This approach will enable us to curate highly focused expert sessions, arrange relevant customer meetings, and provide specific perks that align with the unique requirements of each sector.
What are the different sectors I can apply for?
Accel Atoms is currently working on launching new sectors, to learn about future cohorts. Sign up
If I don’t fall under these sectors, can I still apply to Accel Atoms?
All companies are welcome to apply to Accel. If you apply to and do not belong to one of these 2 themes, your application will be evaluated by our regular fund and our team will automatically route it to the right members in Accel. Accel invests across consumer internet, B2B marketplaces, SaaS, Fintech, consumer brands and many more sectors but currently, we will be accepting applications for Accel Atoms within the two verticals of AI and Industry 5.0.
Program Structure
What will the cohort look like and what will be the duration?
Each cohort is unique in its program schedule, as they focus on distinct sectors and are run by different partners in Accel. Please refer to cohort specific FAQs or the cohort pages for more information.
How can I apply to Atoms?
The best way to apply to Atoms is through the Atoms website. We have a dedicated team and an automated process in place that keeps us from missing out on any applications. If you were referred to us by someone, we recommend you to fill the application as it will help us respond to you in a timely manner.
How many startups will be selected?
We want to partner with 4-5 companies per cohort in this edition of Accel Atoms.
Will Accel do follow on rounds after the cohort ends?
There are three scenarios of funding when you apply to Atoms - first, you only take money from Atoms up to $500K. Second, Atoms become one of the investors in your rounds - we have supported rounds of up to $2M in previous cohorts, but Atoms participation is limited to up to $500K. Finally, if you want to raise a large round and want Accel to invest more than $500K, in that scenario, we will consider this as a non-Atoms investment.
When should I expect to hear back from the Accel team?
We will announce the results on a rolling basis, so you can expect to hear from us in 3-4 weeks after submitting your application.
Eligibility Criteria
What stage should my company be at to apply to Accel Atoms?
We want to support companies looking to raise less than $2M. In our past two cohorts, we have invested across stages, including idea-stage and pre-product companies. We will continue to support companies across stages in Atoms 3.0.
I am a solo founder. Can I apply?
Yes, you can apply if you are a solo founder. Some of the companies with solo founders that we have invested in Atoms include Brik and Ripik.
What does Atoms look for?
We look forward to investing in the earliest stages of emerging ideas, irrespective of an MVP, with founders who can commit to building their company full time.
Is international participation allowed?
For AI cohort, we are accepting applications from founders based in India, Singapore, Indonesia, & the UAE.

For Industry 5.0 cohort, we are accepting applications from founders based in India & Indonesia.
What stage of ideation should I be at in order to apply? 
The Atoms program will be most relevant for companies that are either at the pre-product or pre-revenue stage. An MVP is good to have, but not a must.
How much money will Atoms invest?
We will invest up to $500K in companies. For companies looking to raise more, we will consider them for Accel investments outside of the Atoms accelerator.
Is the funding provided as a grant or equity investment?
Accel Atoms will invest up to $500K in the form of equity or convertible note.
For further questions to ask, reach out to