Presenting Atoms 3.0

Presenting Atoms 3.0
Prayank Swaroop
Prayank Swaroop
Partner, Accel
May 11, 2023
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We launched Accel Atoms 18 months ago with a mission to provide a community-led platform for founders in India and Southeast Asia to learn and grow together and enable them with hands-on mentorship from the best founders and operators in the ecosvstem. Over the last two Atoms cohorts, we have invested in 24 companies through the program and conducted 100+ learning sessions, mentor connects, and community meetups. As of writing, these companies have raised over $160M+ from investors globally.

Atoms is our startup, and we believe we are in the pre-PMF stage. 

We’ve been keeping our ears close to the ground and have been gathering constant feedback from our Atoms founders and the broader ecosystem to iterate fast and make the program most valuable for the next-generation of Accel Atoms. This has made us realize that founders want to be part of a community where they can learn from other founders and operators, and these learnings get amplified if the people in the group are from within their industry.

With this in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of our Accel Atoms 3.0 - we will be launching two theme based cohorts - one from each of AI and Industry 5.0.

AI: We believe the rise of AI is as pivotal a moment in human history as the invention of the telephone, the internet, and the cloud. Generative AI has significantly reduced the marginal cost of creating content, including text, images, code, 3D objects, and videos, we expect to see a paradigm shift in the world as we know it. Foundational models and the AI/ML toolchains are undergoing innovation at breakneck speed. We are on the lookout for the visionary founders from India and SEA, looking to shape the future of AI.

Industry 5.0: Over the last decade, manufacturers worldwide have adopted industrial solutions, recognizing the unparalleled efficiency they bring to their operations. Having invested and worked closely with Zetwerk, Detect Technologies, Haber Water, Facilio, Venwiz, Ripik and others, we've been fortunate to see a glimpse of the future. We believe that the next decade of manufacturing will be driven by smart factories embracing Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and other emerging digital solutions, introducing a new level of nuance and sophistication to their operations. We look forward to collaborating with founders who will be the driving force behind this paradigm shift, shaping the future of manufacturing together.

We plan to invest up to $500K in each Accel Atoms company, alongside relevant industry partners, operators, and angels. The program is set to start taking applications in the next two weeks, and interested startups building in these themes can sign up for updates on the atoms.accel.com.

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