Atoms Founder Stories 011: Meet Rigi

August 3, 2022
Atoms Founder Stories 011: Meet Rigi

The Cofounders of Rigi Swapnil Saurav and Ananya Singhal were previously college batchmates at BITS Pilani, and have known each other ever since. They also co-founded their previous startup Halaplay together, a fantasy sports platform in real-money gaming. 

During this time, the duo worked with plenty of YouTube influencers where a different kind of transactions were taking place between influencers and the users. The influencers would promote their expertise and knowledge via Telegram groups and would encourage users to join these paid groups and services. From there, the inception of Rigi took its shape.

At Rigi, the problem statements that the team is attempting to solve are primarily for services-based content creators who are trying to grow, manage and monetise their businesses and brand values. 

“Creators are differentiated into two categories: The first one being the entertainment-based content creators who are in YouTube, TikTok and other high-growing channels to endorse other brands via advertisements and influencer campaigns. The second category are quite the educational content creators and course instructors who make simple and easily understandable explainer content for their followers like financial experts, experts in cooking, gaming, singing, dancing or crypto advisers.”  Swapnil Saurav, co-founder and CEO at Rigi

The latter is where Rigi comes into the picture with its product offerings via which these services-based content creators can promote and build their online brands in order to monetise for the same as well. Creators may use Rigi for the same and also use the platform to monetise their content via other distribution channels like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram among others.

Let’s say a creator has a free and unused Twitter community of about 2 lakh users, and there is no way to monetise that community.

Now using Rigi, the creator can sell a short course via a link which has its own payment option and find ways to leverage his or her own online communities as well. They can also create monthly and quarterly subscription plans for their followers and users to access these private and paid courses. In the process, Rigi also takes care of periodic subscription reminders, retargeting and promotions as well.

One of the core value propositions of Rigi is that it is never a platform-specific product, and content creators can monetise any and every online distribution channel or platform using the app. Most other players in the same space according to Swapnil, are centered around onboarding more users on their apps and platforms with the help of creators but Rigi is built keeping the content creators in mind and enabling them to monetise their existing follower bases first.

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