Atoms Founder Stories 010: Introducing Kluster

August 3, 2022
Atoms Founder Stories 010: Introducing Kluster

Communities have increasingly turned to digital spaces to interact and engage with their members, especially after the pandemic.

And online learning is now deeply embedded in our daily lives. However, as founder Aman Singhal realised, it is primarily a single-player experience. 

In the absence of physical spaces to socialize, students across the globe have turned to platforms like Discord and Telegram to add a social element to their learning experience. This social element takes multiple forms - studying together on video call similar to a virtual library, or a lofi music livestream to add white noise as you work. The organic evolution of these spaces was fascinating to Aman and his co-founder Akash Venkat. 

However, they observed that these activities were scattered over multiple different platforms. Telegram groups quickly became chaotic, with multiple overlapping conversations making it difficult to track what was relevant. Discord was better organized, but a server needed multiple mods to best fit this particular use case. 

And so Kluster was born, a community platform built to improve peer-to-peer learning.

Akash and Aman offer a means for students to discover high-quality communities, or Klusters, geared towards their specific learning goals. Each Kluster then has a suite of tools at their disposal to optimize their experience.

In the team’s own words, removing camraderie from online learning was a mistake they’re working to fix. Kluster’s mission is to turn online learning into a multiplayer experience. With more than 7,000 students already on board, they’re certainly making progress.

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