Atoms Founder Stories 007: Meet Onesto Labs

August 3, 2022
Atoms Founder Stories 007: Meet Onesto Labs

Onesto is a house of brands focused on beauty and personal care.

Founded by Rohit Chawla, who exited from the popular D2C brand The Man Company, the startup came out of a pivot after the pandemic.

Their first brand is the well-known Bare Anatomy, and Rahul had a clear approach to building that brand. And this took the market into account. In Chawla’s view, social media and access to vendors became easier, and funding became available, there came a glut of products with great stories but no focus on quality. There were undifferentiated products and undifferentiated categories and after a point everyone started looking the same.

Rohit felt that consumers were being left out, and personalisation was the answer. With Bara Anatomy, Chawla leaned into personalisation for the customer and focused on the product. This tech and data driven approach enabled hyper personalisation for consumers, getting them exactly what they wanted.

But then came the pandemic, and Rohit and his co-founders Sifat Khurana and Vimal Bhola, also from his team at The Man Company, realized that the model they had built was scalable for a lot of other consumer-first D2C brands as well.

The next brand they started building was Chemist at Play, and with its success the model proved itself.

Onesto, named after the Italian word for honest, has a tight control over quality, something they pride themselves on, and is the bedrock for their company’s model. The advantage they have is the founding team’s experience at The Man Company, and the close bonding they share.

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