Announcing our Accel Atoms 3.0 Cohort in AI and Industry 5.0

Announcing our Accel Atoms 3.0 Cohort in AI and Industry 5.0
Prayank Swaroop
Prayank Swaroop
Partner, Accel
March 28, 2024
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We are thrilled to welcome the third cohort of our Atoms program to the Accel family. Since the launch of Accel Atoms, it has been our mission to make founders' 0-to-1 journey as frictionless as possible.

This is the first thematic Atoms cohort, and it focuses on AI and Industry 5.0.

The four AI startups that are part of Atoms 3.0 are: Tune AI, a GenAI stack for enterprises; Skoob, a generative AI platform for reading; Meritic, a storytelling co-pilot for financial planning and analysis; and Arivihan, India's first AI-based, fully automated learning platform. The two Industry 5.0 startups in this cohort are: Spintly, an IoT platform for smart buildings; and Asets, a multidisciplinary CAD, simulation and engineering design platform. The two remaining startups from the cohort are in stealth.

Early-stage is Accel's DNA. Atoms brings the best of Accel's learnings and network to pre-seed founders who want to build exceptional companies that create exceptional impact.

Over the last few months, these 15 founders have been immersed in a wealth of knowledge through ~40 expert-led sessions, personalized consultations with domain specialists, and multiple networking opportunities within the Accel network.

We are excited to partner with these inspiring founders to help them build and scale category-defining companies.

Get to know the Atoms 3.0 Cohort:

1. Spintly

Founders: Rohin Parkar, Malcolm Dsouza
Domain: Industry 5.0
Spintly is an IoT platform that simplifies access control to commercial and residential buildings. Unlike traditional systems, Spintly uses a distributed IoT architecture and edge computing technology, which eliminates the need for heavy back-end infrastructure and enables smartphone-based door access to users. Spintly has eliminated 200k plastic badges and 2k miles for wired infrastructure from the built world and currently servers 300+ customers and 4k+ doors.

2. Asets

Founder: Ashwini Oke
Domain: Industry 5.0
Canada-based Asets Inc has launched an AI-powered, first-of-its-kind cloud-based Integrated Design Suite™, a multidisciplinary CAD, simulation and engineering design platform that helps Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) and end-owner companies accelerate their early-stage engineering by 10x. Customers benefit from the rapid deployment of engineering resources, lowering effort time and costs related to engineering projects.

3. Tune AI

Founders: Anshuman Pandey, Naman Maheshwari, Rohan Pooniwala
Domain: AI
Tune AI is a GenAI stack for enterprises with solutions that include Tune Chat, an AI chat app with over 180,000 users and powerful models for text, code generation, and brainstorming, and Tune Studio, a comprehensive solution for fine-tuning, deploying, and managing the Gen AI model lifecycle and enabling data security with enterprise-grade compliance.

4. Skoob

Founder: Shubham Deva
Domain: AI
Skoob is a generative AI platform which is revolutionizing the way readers interact with books. Instead of navigating through entire volumes, we harness the power of AI to dissect books into topic-centric sections. We are making knowledge consumption intuitive and user-friendly.

5. Arivihan

Founders: Ritesh Singh, Sonu Kumar Prashant, Rushabh Kothari
Domain: AI
Arivihan is India's 1st AI-based 100% Automated Learning Platform providing each unique school student with a personal tutor in their pocket at ₹300 per month, guiding them in planning for their exams, teaching them with video lectures, talking to them, solving their queries instantly, and validating their knowledge by testing and improving them anytime they want, in the speed they require.

6. Meritic

Founders: Pallavi Chakravorty, Nipun Gupta, Swapnil Basak
Domain: AI
Meritic is a storytelling co-pilot for financial planning and analysis (FP&A) teams to automate reporting and business analytics. Meritic combines the power of knowledge graphs and language models to do highly contextual analysis, collect qualitative insights, generate relevant commentaries and automate financial deck creation.

Two startups from the cohort are currently operating in stealth.