Introducing Atomic Round

Investment size
We invest $250K and will help you raise upto $2M from a trusted network of angels and funds.
Our investment comes from an uncapped convertible, what can be better?
Know your termsheet
before you apply


What is an uncapped convertible?

An uncapped convertible means that the 250K investment converts on the valuation of your next round. You can read more about how they work on our our blog.

Would you consider smaller or larger investments than the $250K mentioned?
  • For simplicity, we will keep the amount fixed at $250K for now.
Why is this capital more founder-friendly than most options?
  • Founders do not give up any equity at the time of the investment. All capital is invested as an 'uncapped convertible'. This lets you use the money to create value in your startup, make progress towards material milestones, and it’s only when you raise a subsequent round at a more meaningful valuation that the Atoms investment converts to equity.
  • In some cases, founders may have other investors that have set investment terms that are investing along with Atoms. In those cases, we will simply participate with the existing terms.
Will Atoms bring in additional investors along?
  • Atoms includes an opportunity to present your startup in front of a community of investors at the end of the program. However, as you interact with our broad community of mentors and coaches, many of them might express a willingness to invest in Atoms startups. We encourage our founders to use this as an opportunity to bring in investors that can be specifically helpful for your journey.