Tushar Mishra
Tushar Mishra
Co Founder, Delightree

Tushar is co-founder at Delightree, a workflow automation app for deskless employees in services industries. It helps users automate and manage tasks and workflows with crew members.

He is a problem-solver who is fascinated with finding solutions. He enjoys identifying, comprehending, and empathizing with problems in his environment, as well as shaking things up. Since elementary school, he has been an over-enthusiastic youngster who has sought to start businesses at every opportunity. 

He co-founded a cafeteria with a few buddies in college with a unique co-op format, then co-founded a web dev company with friends for some extra cash in hand (Tnine infotech). Both companies are still going strong and lucrative.

He is currently developing Delightree, the enterprise software aimed at the next 1 billion users who do not work at a desk. He is redefining how Delightree will work with deskless employees.