Ankit Pansari
CEO, OSlash

Ankit Pansari is the co-Founder and CEO of OSlash, a URL customization tool for growing businesses to manage employees' access to devices, networks, and applications in a single interface.

Ankit believed that if you want to follow something that has a lot of momentum, it is going to be in the tech industry. That's what motivated him to build his first product and company, Startle, an SMS API focused on higher education. Later, he worked for Zoho, a technology company creating web-based tools for businesses, in the project management department. After gaining experience, he decided to build something of his own and launched OSlashwith Shoaib Khan. 

Currently, he handles around 20 million developers and 100 million knowledge workers and aims for OSlash to take over workplace search by building new features into the product and expanding to new customers and new categories.