Anjana Reddy

Anjana Reddy is the CEO of Wrogn, an apparel brand. She is also the founder of the Indian fashion company Universal Sportsbiz, which boasts a clutch of celebrity-endorsed brands specialising in trendy clothing and accessories, including Collectabillia and Imara.

Being a sports fanatic, she analysed the multibillion-dollar industry of sports collectables in the US and decided to bring this model to India. She saw the opportunity looking at the huge segment of cricket fans in India. In 2014, she launched Wrogn, which is co-owned by Indian cricket star Virat Kohli. Later, she also launched Imara, a women's sports clothing brand. 

She was named among Forbes’ "30 Under 30 Asia" in April 2017 and featured as one of the "50 Most Powerful Women in Business" by Fortune India in September 2019.